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  JIM HAS BEEN INVITED BACK FOR HIS 17TH YEAR!!!  The Old Faithful Inn will open May 2, 2019.  Jim will be there, set up and ready to show you all his new artwork!  Please stop by and see him!!

  FIRESIDE CHAT  A really cool piece Jim painted in the lobby of the Inn last summer.  It's a lovely view of the fireplace from the perspective of some of the smallest creatures in the inn - the chipmunks and golden mantle squirrels.  Yep, sometimes they come inside too!!

  HOW U DOIN'   Another beautiful painting that Jim did in his booth last summer memorializing  an old bison that use to frequent the back of the Inn in our early years in the park.  He was named George and we would see him walking along the back of the Inn peeking in window.  Such a fun piece.

  THERE ARE NUTS  Yep, this one was painted in the lobby last summer too.  A nice scene from the Bear Pit bar in the Old Faithful Inn.  Everyone has gone home and the industrious wildlife is coming in to see if anyone left anything for them.  These have been wildly popular so if you are interested, call soon.  I don't think they will last long.


   BUMMIN' A RIDE    Lake hotel is considered one of the most beautiful places in the park by many.  The old buses seem to fit right in.  Everyone wants a ride in them, why not the 3 bears!!


DAY AT THE BEACH & BACHELORS PAD  These limited edition lithographs will be selling out soon!!    If you have been thinking about these print and have been putting off buying them - don't put off too much longer.  Once it's gone, the only way to get it will be the secondary market. 


Below are a list of the prints that are sold out to date.

Watch Out Situation #18                     SOLD OUT
Moving Day                                        SOLD OUT
Interim Refuge                                    SOLD OUT
Surveying Her Damages                     SOLD OUT
Last One Out                                       SOLD OUT
Step by Step                                        SOLD OUT
Sure, When A Fella Needs A Fire      SOLD OUT
April Showers Bring May Buffalo     SOLD OUT
Early Morning Missed Encounter      SOLD OUT
The Locals                                          SOLD OUT
Lazy Days                                           SOLD OUT
Hunting the Fire Line                         SOLD OUT
Feathers & Fur                                   SOLD OUT
Just Stare Back                                  SOLD OUT
Giant                                                  SOLD OUT
The Smallest Visitor                          SOLD OUT
Atonement                                         SOLD OUT
Winter at Gibbon Falls                      SOLD OUT      
The Smallest Visitor -open edition    SOLD OUT      
Faithful at Night                                SOLD OUT     
Summer at the Inn                             SOLD OUT
Summer at Gibbon Falls                   SOLD OUT
Walk in the Park                                SOLD OUT
Rub-a-Dub-Dub                                SOLD OUT                             
Crapped Out                                     SOLD OUT
Spring at Lake                                  SOLD OUT
Playday at Lake                                SOLD OUT
Tense Moment                                 SOLD OUT
                                         SOLD OUT
Life At Canyon                                SOLD OUT
Trouble Bruin                                   SOLD OUT
Lunch                                               SOLD OUT

Occasionally a print comes available for a variety of reasons so we are developing a list of people that are interested in these sold out prints.  If one should come available, we will do a mailing and let you know. Please e-mail us at and give us your home address and we will be glad to add you to the list.


We would love to share some of our
Yellowstone experiences with you!

Here are a few pictures from our Yellowstone adventure.  Hope you enjoy!!







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